With more than 20 years experience melting glass, Bryan Ratcliffe is a contemporary borosilicate artist who lives and works in the Front Range of Colorado. His colorful "road trip" imagery pays a homage to his homeland in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. His distinctive personal style emanates joy and adventure, expressing the vibrant culture surrounding music and travel.

Picturesque landscapes, tropical flowers, snow-capped mountains, and frosty trees are elements that bring to life the road trip scenes the artists creates in glass pendants, marbles, and more. The artist explains, "I am a storyteller and I welcome you to join me on this visual journey".  


As a young artist, Bryan was recognized nationally for his artistic talents earning 5 Gold Keys at the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards in 1995. He began working with glass at Western State University in 1999 while exploring all mediums and attaining his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 3D/Ceramics. After endlessly chasing new techniques and styles in the glass world, the artist has evolved his "road trip" iconography into his primary focus area. Bryan continues to be inspired by trips taken and future plans. Through his use of the "road trip" iconography, the artist is constantly expanding his narrative and visual vocabulary. 

Bryan has been able to travel and participated in DasMeltDown in Germany. He joined the Roor Crew for a series of collaborations (2017). He also attended the Venice Glass Week 2017, working with the Ballerin Brothers in Murano. He attended the Gass Conference in St. Pete's, Florida 2019. He also recently traveled and demoed in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2020. 

When not melting glass, the artist's other passions include maintaining a healthy lifestyle, gourmet cooking, electric mountain biking, podcasting, backcountry snowboarding, gardening, and inventing.

You can find Bryan at:

@Surfratglass, @be_prime, @dirt_ebike on Instagram

 Recent Creation - The Bangin Mug


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